8 febbraio 2012

disegnami un dinosauro

If you happen to visit an exhibition on dinosaurs ..
do not forget to browse the most beautiful thing.
the book of comments

Se mai vi capitasse di visitare una mostra sui dinosauri ..
non dimenticatevi di sfogliare la cosa più bella.
il quaderno dei commenti

4 febbraio 2012

Sofia +18

# In january my cousin Sofia has turned 18..
and she becomes every day more and more beautiful.

3 febbraio 2012

Gone To Sea

# today i found drawings of seaweeds in my firewood
# oggi sotto la corteccia della mia legna c'era un paesaggio marino da scoprire..
alghe, fiori e strani animalini millezampe stavano
nuotando indisturbati dentro il mio garage.

2 febbraio 2012


# Today my works have been featured in the beautiful
with talented photographers
Sayaka Minemura, Em Lowicz, Emily Jane Morgan, Eylul Aslan,
Sasha Karelina, Gloria Marigo, Leanne Marie Carmichael, Sarah Allegra,
Valeria Gaeta, Laura Makabresku, Julia Trotti, Stina Runesson,
Laura Feliz, Olga Valeska, Maria Kazvan, Sofie Olejnik,
Aleksandra Urbanowicz, Adelaide D’Hoop, Layla K., S. J. Walton.

1 febbraio 2012


# This is my first post and i'm not sure about this because i don't know yet what i want to share, however, since i've free time I can show you the photos taken with my faithful Chinon about one of my best friends Elvira.

She lives in Barcelona but this week she has come back to Italy for working
and so we caught the opportunity to take some good photos!