1 febbraio 2012


# This is my first post and i'm not sure about this because i don't know yet what i want to share, however, since i've free time I can show you the photos taken with my faithful Chinon about one of my best friends Elvira.

She lives in Barcelona but this week she has come back to Italy for working
and so we caught the opportunity to take some good photos!

7 commenti:

  1. bellissimo clini!

  2. belle! brava!! :)

  3. Jane Piedifreddi2 febbraio 2012 11:12

    Ciao ti seguo da sempre e amo le tue foto di donne sbutregate sui letti!

    1. metti gli scaldini con la renna ai piedi Jane! ho ancora mal di testa... buuu

  4. these are wonderful and absolutely gorgeous! especially the last three, they are my favourite! :) wouldn´t you be interested in print swap? :) (if yes, please let me know on my blog, since I don´t get to check it here)